Company law

We provide consultancy and representation services for all issues relating to corporate law. When founding a company, it is necessary to look into the tax-related consequences of the choice of the legal form and the detailed provisions of the company agreement, in addition to legal aspects, such as liability issues. Here, our clients can particularly profit from our holistic consultancy concept, which involves our cooperation partners from other disciplines, in particular tax consultants, auditors and various management consultants with their own respective areas of specialisation.

The same applies if the corporate form or the structure of a company is to be changed, possibly by establishing an advisory board (Beirat) or other organisational measures, for instance in order to prepare and ensure the survival of a company for the time after the managing founding partner has left the company. The problems with regard to a working corporate succession require particularly well-founded and holistic assistance by accomplished advisers.

Experience and expertise from various disciplines is furthermore required if shares in companies, or entire companies, are to be sold or acquired, if the justified interests of minority shareholders are to be enforced in relation to the company, if shareholders are to be excluded or if they leave voluntarily, for issues relating to their severance payments or to the recapitalisation of the company in a crisis. In cooperation with our partners, we can ensure all of the above.

Your contacts: Markus Kreuzkamp, Andreas Samoilov

  • Public limited companies (AG)
  • Founding of subsidiaries in Germany and abroad
  • Trusts
  • Company names
  • Groups of companies (Konzerne)
  • Change of corporate form
  • Cooperatives
  • Partnerships
  • Purchase of companies
  • Management (liability)
  • Partnerships under the German civil code (BGB)
  • Reorganisation of companies
  • Industrial property rights
  • Partnerships under the German commercial code (OHG)
  • Group associations
  • Private limited companies (GmbH)
  • Limited partnerships (KG)
  • Voluntary associations