hereditary law

Every human being is a future testator. Nevertheless, the issue of a timely preparation of a "correct" will and provisions for the family in case of accidents is often being fatally neglected. This also applies with regard to a timely and reasonable regulation of the succession within a business.

With our clients, we determine what their wishes and visions are, in particular who is intended to inherit which objects - as safe from third-party objections as possible -, financial situation, risks, family needs and tax framework. We provide consultation and assistance, among others also during the development and enforcement of a tax-optimised design of the will, handling of lifetime gifts, granting of reservation rights in favour of donors, contracts of inheritance, compilation of powers of attorney for guardianship and health care. In particular if estates are large, we can help to prevent avoidable tax payments. A special consultation and design concept in our law firm often allows us to drastically reduce, or even completely avoid, notary fees.

Furthermore, we provide consultancy and representation services for heirs when they inherit, in particular with regard to options under inheritance and tax law (for instance equalisation of accrued gains under inheritance law, rejection in favour of other heirs), with regard to the options of contesting non-accepted wills (for instance statutory shares, contestation, nullity action), and if the estate is over-indebted. We also attend to the execution of wills.

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  • General inheritance law
  • Contracts of inheritance
  • Capital transfer tax
  • Wills by disabled persons
  • International inheritance law
  • Drafting of wills
  • Powers of attorney for guardianship
  • Insolvency of the estate
  • Execution of wills
  • Inheritance by spouses
  • Statutory share
  • Powers of attorney for health care
  • Inheritance tax
  • Corporate succession
  • Contestation of an inheritance
  • Gifts