The law firm KREUZKAMP & PARTNER is a member of the cooperation association KREUZKAMP & KOLLEGEN, one of the few associations of lawyers in Germany where lawyers and patent lawyers cooperate. We mainly represent medium-sized companies - usually as an outsourced legal and patents department - and private individuals, but also large corporations.

Our clients will be represented by our own office in Düsseldorf, the other member offices of KREUZKAMP & KOLLEGEN in Cologne, Remscheid, Munich and Madrid, as well as world-wide through our other cooperation partners. The research company PaMaRIZ® can quickly and inexpensively procure all required information on property rights and other business issues, as well as translations into other languages.

For further information and in order to contact one of our cooperation partners, please contact us under

Kreuzkamp & Kollegen
Ludenberger Str. 1 A
40629 Düsseldorf

Telefon: +49 (0)211 239408-48



The FRTG network is an association of national and international law firms, patent law firms, tax consultants, auditors and management consultants.

The FRTG network pools the expertise of specialised consultants for companies from all disciplines in a harmonious team, ensuring optimum holistic consultancy and representation services for each individual client.

This is why the requirements set with regard to the quality of work of each individual FRTG network partner are high, and why the partners work in proven and tested cooperation with each other.

An example for the necessity of teamwork between all consultancy disciplines is the foundation of the German subsidiary of a foreign parent group: The choice of the legal form and the company structure relates to aspects of law, business administration and tax. The choice and protection of the company name, the safeguarding of technical and other know-how, trademark rights etc. require assistance by a patent lawyer. Specialized management consultants are called upon for issues regarding financing (for instance: How can the rating be optimized?) or the payment of public grants and subsidies (for instance: Which business locations will be subsidized and how?). Together with our FRTG partners, we can offer our clients all of the above.