It is important for lawyers and patent lawyers to be able to quickly and reliably access well-founded information on property rights and company data and to work with such data. In order to be able to provide our clients with even more efficient services, we have founded the patent and trademark research and information centre PaMaRIZ®, whose owner now is Mr. Stefan Schreiner. We share our offices with PaMaRIZ®.

PaMaRIZ® researches and provides data and information in all areas of business and for all fields of industrial property rights protection (patents, trademarks and other property rights), scientific research, development, company establishment and marketing.

Through PaMaRIZ® and our own online research resources, but also through possibilities of accessing information at the German and European patent and trademark institutions directly from our office in Munich, we can provide our clients with all required information - quickly, effectively and at low cost.